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My Lifestyle Favourites | June 2015

For the past two weeks, things have been quite hectic for me, as a result, my blogging schedule has been somewhat infrequent and I did not have previously scheduled articles that could be posted. Therefore, I realize that this July favourites post is long overdue. Anyway, I have many things to share with you, in upcoming weeks, such as reviews, hauls, food based posts, a few recommendations, details on my recent adventures and so much more.

However, until then, here are my lifestyle favourites for the month of June.

Products I Loved

Nanacoco (Lovely) -   So, my go to lip product for June was this pink lip-gloss that I received in a past ‘Beauty Box 5’. I love the packaging, it goes on smooth and it feels nice on the lips.

Infusium 23 Miracle Therapy – My crème hair is breaking a lot, so this foam was my go to treatment in June. It doesn’t leave my hair feeling heavy and it’s quite hydrating.

Marc Anthony Oil of Morocco Hairspray – I got this sample many months ago from 'Ipsy' and in June, I finally got around to using this holding spray. It does its job well, and holds my hair in its place.

What I Purchased

I really needed a new go to handbag, as my previous black one was a bit too small for carrying my day-to-day items. Therefore, I was happy when I got this one for 50% off, during a Talize (my favourite thrift store) sale.

What I Watched

{Movie collage via the following image sources: 1 & 2}
{Book collage via the following image sources: 1, 2, 3} - See more at:
{Book collage via the following image sources: 1, 2, 3} - See more at:
{Book collage via the following image sources: 1, 2, 3} - See more at:
{Book collage via the following image sources: 1, 2, 3} - See more at:
{Book collage via the following image sources: 1, 2, 3} - See more at:

On the first day of June, I went to an Entourage movie premiere, because I won an FSU contest. In addition, later in the month I went to see Spy, which I felt was amusing and I enjoyed it.

What I Read

Although, I shared my summer reading list, earlier this month, I most say that last month I didn’t do much physical reading. However, I did tune in to audiobooks, by completing one, and starting another. The one pictured was an interesting book about zombies (something I didn’t thing would capture my interest, the way it did).

What I Ate

Pinterest Recipes: One of the tasks I set out for my ‘l01 Things’ was to “Make eleven recipes off Pinterest”. Therefore, in my rush to complete this task, I ended up eating eight such meals, over the course of June (more on this, in an upcoming post).

Inspired Me

In terms of inspiration, the quote above resonated with me, as although we live in a fast pace, instant gratification world, we still can't rush through life without taking the good with the bad.

Made me Laugh

SHARE THIS GREAT UPDATE!: Police Officer injured in crash could be released from the hospital today.We now have a...
Posted by WLBT 3 On Your Side on Wednesday, 10 June 2015

What stood out for me last month and had me smiling the most, out of all the humorous videos I watched, was this eyewitness’ expressive account of an accident.

What I Listened To

My June play-list consisted mostly of R&B and Hip Hop tracks, that you can take a listen to via the following Spotify list.

What were some of your favourite things last month?
Have you tried any of the things I mentioned above?
Do let me know, in the comments below.
You can also check out previous lifestyle faves HERE.

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Shelley Mc.

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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Sunday Inspiration & Share

Hello Lovely People
It's time for another Sunday Inspiration.
Today's quote is about self-acceptance.

It is time we all accept ourselves for all that we are and not just those areas that we find favourable. Although life is about continuous growth and change, we can still choose to accept who we are now. Even though, who we were yesterday, might be different from who we are today. In addition, there are those of us who struggle to define who we are and as a result, not knowing who we are, might be affecting our self-acceptance process. Therefore, it is time to be still with your own thoughts and reflect on all your strengths and even your flaws. Write them out on paper, recite them, and get comfortable with this list, for the more, you remind yourself about your strengths etc., the more you’ll be able to answer the question “Who am I?”.

Here are some activities that you can adopt, on the journey to self-acceptance:
  • Become aware of the negative things that you tell yourself, and try to rewrite those with more encouraging sayings.
  • Be kind to yourself and remind yourself daily of all your great attributes, even if that means reciting them in front of a mirror.
  • Forgive yourself for all the setbacks, errors and regrets that have happened along the way and try to focus on turning them into lessons for the future.

 TWEET THIS: Today I vow, to accept myself for all that I am.

What else are you affirming today?

 Sunday Share
A recent feature, where I share a few random facts about myself.
In the spirit of self-acceptance, today’s facts will be about traits that I’ve accepted about myself.

  1. I have diastema (gap teeth), a feature that a few of my paternal family also have.
  2. I was born with an eleventh finger that was tied off and now leaves a bump on my left            pinkie finger.
  3. I can be talkative at times.

What are some of the physical features you’ve grown to love and accept?
What personality traits have you also come to love and accept?
I’d love to know more about you, in the comments below.

Shelley Mc.
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