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2013 New & Reinforced Lessons

11:54 PM

What is life without growth and growth for me is facilitated by various lessons. In 2013, I learnt quite a few new things. In addition, a few lessons that I forgot along the way were also reinforced. 


Lessons Reinforced

1. The importance of Family   
The main reinforced lesson that I learnt this year is how much I love my family. They are the main thing on this earth that I truly care about. Nothing else can really compare.

2. The value of True Friendship
"True friends are the ones who never leave your heart, even if they leave your life for a while. Even after years apart, you pick up with them right where you left off..." - Anon.

3. That this too shall pass.
“That means that whatever problem you feel as though you’ll never get over will be completely irrelevant in a few days, weeks, months, years. You’ll have new problems to fill your time. But do you know what that also means? The wonderful things that you’ve been neglecting to enjoy right now will also pass. And you’ll miss them.”                                                I originally found this quote on Thought Catalog but the original page can no longer be found. (A mirror to the article can be found HERE)

4. Learning to deal with all emotions
“This entire planet is made up of people who have been hurt and rejected and sad and angry at some point in time and we all have to learn to deal with it.” – source

5. Embracing imperfection
“None of us will ever be perfect. Someone will always be smarter, more productive, more witty, older, younger, more charismatic” – source


New Lessons Learnt
1. Happiness is a choice
We all want to be happy. Most believe happiness is the end of a journey, something to be attained etc. However, the following quote made me see that happiness is something I can choose right now, minus the wait.
“What we seem to overlook is that happiness is not an elusive state of euphoria that we eventually stumble upon once all of our goals are fulfilled. Happiness is a choice, and you are just as capable of experiencing it now, as you will be once your life looks as you think it ideally should.” - source

2. Embrace your life the way it is
 You have to realize that just because your life doesn’t look like someone else’s doesn’t mean it’s less than theirs. In fact, embrace the fact that your life isn’t anything like anybody else’s, it’s personally tailored for you.  - source

3. Lastly, the following quote connected with me deeply and is a lesson that hit home in 2013 and one that I am still learning to this day.

“Learning day by day, how to differentiate between, Family, Friends, associates and mere acquaintances....... took me so many years... but i'm gradually seeing the light.... The meaning of out of sight, out of mind is echoing loudly in my mind.... it's seems the more technology facilitates connectivity, the greater the distance that is created among once close friends.... i have been guilty myself..... Friendships created in primary school, High School, & college, over time dwindle.                   
It's Like a Fad, in today, out tomorrow..... sad but reality”

The quote was from someone on Facebook

5. I also realized the hard lesson that some people I truly care about could not care less about me. Despite that I choose to dwell on the fact that I have family members who love me, and though my friendship circle continues to get smaller, I’m happy for the friends that I know care about me, as much as I care about them.

What did you learn in 2013?
Maybe I can learn something from you.
Feel free to share in the comments below.

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Shelley Mc

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